About Amazonia Tours


Our philosophy:
Whether we are working with only one carriage of people or a tour of 4 days, we treat our customers like our first tour, because every person who comes to us is unique!

Our story:
AMAZONIA TOURS, started in 1996, when founder Eduardo de Queiroz came from Brazil for a pleasure trip to Orlando to visit the parks with his family. After a while, he started a business selling rides in the streets of Miami Beach/ South Beach, making it as one of the best sellers in the business of “timeshare” that was growing at the time. With the evolution of your business, Eduardo de Querioz realized he had to devote more time to the tourism in Miami and directed its activities in watching a large number of families on vacation in Florida. So, set the focus of its activities, aiming to enable days of fun for families.

Our achievement:
Eduardo de Queiroz is proud to have his family living in Miami and, throught AMAZONIA TOURS, is helping several families of Brazilians – and tourist from around the world – to know one of the safest and most beautifull places in America: Miami and its wonderful beaches!

Our invitation:
We invite you and your family to know this fantastic place that is South Florida and – forver – stay marked the wonderful memories of your vacation in Florida.

Eduardo de Queiroz
Owner & Founder


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Telephone:+1 305 397 8377
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