Scooter Rental $60 p/day

Drive around Miami Beach and South Beach with our very own scooters! Rent the scooters daily at our Amazonia Tours office!



Rental info

What time?

We are open from 9:00AM - 10:00PM to pick up your scooter!


Do we need reservations?

Yes! Scooters are limited. Call 305-397-8377 to make reservations! $200 deposit must be made at our office. $60 per day is the charge.


What's included in the retal?

FREE lesson and 24 hrs of scooter rental!


What's NOT included in the tour?

Gas is NOT included.




About Scooter Rental

Frequently asked questions?


  • Do I need a special license?
  • NO.
  • Do I have to fill it up on return?
  • YES.
  • Do I get my deposit back?
  • YES!Everglades Tour